The Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends

Issue No. 1 June 16th 2021

Welcome to the Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends - 'being the quiet observations of Gentlemen Anglers'

Within these pages you will find peace and warm reflection in what we believe is a quiet backwater. Here one can while away time sitting comfortably in a familiar armchair accompanied by a favoured tipple'... continue reading

You can experience the beauty of nature only when you sit with it, observe it, breathe it and talk to it.
Sanchita Pandey - Lessons From My Garden

The Month Of June -

In Northumberland folk fish with a whittled ladle for a wedding-ring that has been dropped into a bowl of syllabub - whoever the fortunate angler may be they can be sure as there are Gudgeons in the river, they will be married first.

This Months Contemplations -

A June Miscellany - Darjeeling, Sneezewort & Pallenpool - June’s Guest Contributor Tim Walters And His Quest For Filming Sussex Brook Lamprey - Plus Our Regular Raconteurs Articles - This Month Featuring RBTraditional, Sussex Micky, Martin James, Dipper & Old Man River.

A June Miscellany

I hesitate, fly line coiled at my feet, ready for the cast. It is beautiful. The pool is beautiful. hauntingly so. The picture is perfect, so vibrant yet in the same measure so subtle...

Darjeeling On When Not To Fish... continue reading

A Mistle Thrush entwines her song around my thoughts, she is singing to me from the bough of a Beech tree, such a song has she.

Pallenpool & The Thrushes Song... continue reading

It is nearly 3pm. The mid December sun is dropping low to the western horizon, casting long shadows across the meadow. The fishing is uneventful - typical of an impulsive midwinter foray... 

Sneezewort Searches For Tyto... continue reading

June's Guest - Tim Walters & the quest for filming Brook Lamprey in Sussex.

The Brook Lampreys spawned early this year and although it is widely acknowledged that this occurs when the water temperature is at 10 degrees C, I observed these Lamprey at 8 degrees... read & watch

Brook Lamprey

June's Raconteurs Articles
Dipper, Sussex Micky, Martin James, RBTraditional & OMR

Dipper Reacquaints Himself With An Old Friend - The Farm Pool

A Fine Bend & Fine Carps 

We walked (two metres apart) down the slope full of hopes and fond memories of our last, as we chatted the view across Gloucestershire was interrupted by a dense hedge, then as we neared the second gate, through the trees water came in to view. . .continue reading

Sussex Micky Recalls His Memoirs & Published Archives Concerning The River Brede’s Fish Stocks & The Brede Valley Bird Population - this entry is part 1.

Late Autumn - River Brede

The river runs more or less through the centre of the Brede valley ridges of Sedlescombe, Brede, Udimore , Icklesham and Winchelsea. Starting its main flow above Seldlescombe it winds its way through approximately seven miles of the levels until it reaches the lock gates at Rye... continue reading

Martin James MBE Makes An Enquiry Or Two Into the Unknown On A 17C Estate Lake.

Martin Looking Distinctly Traditional

I awoke around 04:30hrs this morning - the glorious 16th. This year I’m starting my 79th year of angling, June 16th 1941 being my first. As every year goes by I still get that intense feeling of excitement and hope - I met the keeper at the main gate at 0700 hrs... continue reading

RBTraditional - The Search For The Perfect Fork Of Hazel In The Deepest Of Kents Countryside.

Northerly winds clatter the tiles atop the façade of our old cottage - the last mouthfuls of coffee are savoured. I pull on my boots, zip up my battered old Barbour .. continue reading

Hazel Spinney


Old Man River Recreates A Maurice Ingham Landing Net

After receiving several pictures of an original from Peter my overriding thought was this is one large net. . . continue reading

Finished Net - A Detail