Beside A River & The Mistle Thrushes Song In Pictures

Beside the river I share the silence, all secrets hidden below, I cast a thought but not a line into its winding way we both have travelled but not far in meeting here, our story forever flows and with constant change, our confluence is of the moment – a chapter from an ever revealing story – we are as one in so many ways. 

A Mistle Thrush entwines her song around my thoughts, she is singing to me from the bough of a Beech tree, such a song has she – upon breaths of tuneful air she brings flight to thoughts anew warming my heart through & through.

Perhaps now I shall walk the meadows and beside the run of the river and seek what she has told me.

Text & Images Pallenpool – Late Winter 2021

The Gently Flowing River
A Setting Sun Glows Throughout The Valley
Rising Water – Sunken Meadows
The Mists Follow The Setting Sun
The Mistle Thrushes View Of Her Valley