Tim Walters & The Quest For Filming Brook Lamprey In Sussex

The Brook Lampreys spawned early this year and although it is widely acknowledged that this occurs when the water temperature is at 10 degrees C, I observed these Lamprey at 8 degrees.

My camera is set but after this initial film was taken the activity has been curtailed - so perhaps they have finished I will monitor the riffles for the next few days.  

The camera I am using has many different settings for under water filming and I still have not settled on one that works to my satisfaction, some do not focus close enough and the last one I used zooms in to close, and as the camera is under water its impossible to see if its in focus or not until played back at home.

Still I have been pleased with the results thus far - it is a rare sight indeed to see Lampreys together and of course spawning, also if you look you can see what I think are eggs.

While viewing this footage please remember to view in 1080 HD on your device.