The Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends Christmas Edition

Issue No. IV December 16th 2021

Welcome to the Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends – ‘being the quiet observations of Gentlemen Anglers

Within these pages you will find peace and warm reflection in what we believe is a quiet backwater. Here one can while away time sitting comfortably in a familiar armchair accompanied by a favoured tipple’… continue reading

A thought for the day

It reaches to the fence,
It wraps it, rail by rail,
Till it is lost in fleeces;
It flings a crystal veil

On stump and stack and stem, —
The summer’s empty room,
Acres of seams where harvests were,
Recordless, but for them…

It sifts from leaden sieves” Emily Dickenson

This issues contemplations

The Raconteurs December’s Miscellany – Paul Adams, OMR & Carl Hier. Guest Contributions feature Ruth Craine, Jeremy Croxall & Tim Walters. Plus this issues Raconteurs articles from Martin James MBE, Bob the Float, RBTraditional (who offers two articles for our delictation), Pallenpool, Darjeeling, Sussex Micky & Dipper.

The Raconteurs new gallery ‘The Piscatorial Raconteurs Albums of Photographs’ can be found in the menu. With content being updated regularly & featuring an all new album ‘The Ways of Water’, where we regard a river, stream, pool or lake and the countryside that surrounds – representing snapshots of time throughout its watery year.

December’s Miscellany

Carl Hier & the hovering hunter continue reading . . .

Paul Adams & Closing Time continue reading . . .

OMR poses an eternal questioncontinue reading . . .

This issues features & articles

December’s Guest – Ruth Craine, Jeremy Croxall & Tim Walters.

Ruth CraineTakes us on a tour around & about three islands . . . continue reading

Jeremy Croxall – Tell’s a seasonal ghost story – Thatchers Beat’Tom Thatcher, poacher turned game keeper, ghillie, church warden, and a colourful local character by all accounts. He is dead now, long gone in fact. He died from pneumonia, tobacco, alcohol and fishing . . . continue reading

Tim Walters – ‘A rails year’ Some superb footage in an extended film highlighting the waterails year . . . continue reading

Issue No. IV – The Piscatorial Raconteurs articles.

Pallenpool, RBTraditional, Sussex Micky, Dipper, Darjeeling, Bob the Float, & Martin James MBE.

A Norfolk river valley bathed in late autumn sunshine finds Pallenpool in a reflective moodLast nights rain has left a familiar ‘on the nose’ residual – It is reminiscent of the aromatic and fragile layers of mist that rise above the meadows following an August downpour. Recalling those summer days suggests a certain longing and although this is true an autumnal walk is its equal‘. . . continue reading

RBTraditional – The hunt for red October Around the time of the Harvest moon toward the end of September a line is drawn under our Tench fishing for another season. Early mornings out on a mist shrouded marsh drain, fringed with lilies and warbler filled reed beds watching a delicate quill float will soon be replaced with another seasonal adventure as our thoughts turn Pikewards . . continue reading

Sussex Micky Angles for chub on a fine but bitterly cold winters day & meets a new friend along the way.-After an energetic tussle a beautifully conditioned and pristine chub was netted. Weighing just over 4lbs the chub lay before me on the frosted grass and looked spectacular. As I was about to slip the fish back to its home, a voice startled me from my whits. . . continue reading

RBTraditional – ‘The Old Man’s Pike’A countryman who had worked the land all of his life and despite having fought in two world wars as a young man always had a gentle demeanour, never happier than when out with his terrier Touser and a fishing rod walking this sacred land. . . continue reading

Dipper – Recounts ‘that’ part in a day when the search for perch becomes . . . ‘In the shadows beneath the willow the float is still, though the bait far below entices a thrill. . . continue reading

Darjeeling & ‘the follow of pike’ –At first this may seem like a trick of the light or the misreading of some reflection. But pike can materialise in mid-water as if gathered of the very atoms of their surroundings . . . continue reading

Bob the Floats – ‘Old Father, My Father’ – A Thames relationship like no other Those two days beside Hurley Lock are in and amongst my fondest angling memories and the smell of roach slime and sweetcorn on my hands even now immediately transports me back to that time nearly thirty year’s on and that was where and when my love affair with the Thames really began . . . continue reading

Martin James MBE – Tells us why winter is best for seeking out the larger specimens The chub maybe considered a fish for all seasons, however they can be in poor condition during the summer months but find those same fish in winter and it’s a different story altogether. In this feature I am looking back to days and nights from the past, in the hope I can take you away from the fireside and sample some great sport with hard fighting fish’ . . . continue reading