The ways of water

A Norfolk chalk stream runs through autumns golden days

There can be few more enticing days in a fishers calendar than those found by an autumn river or stream. Autumn brings a dusting of gold, the mellowing of days, dewy floors, heady hedgerow aromatics, crazed husks in forgotten fields and if fortune bestows the warmth of a summer past can magically reawaken.

We are drawn to rivers, beguiling, as they are fluent in mysterious tongues. In autumns array a river holds washes of colour that reflect the sky, trees and banks of turning flora. Within their glides, eddy’s and pools are dreams and with hope memories waiting to be made. Walk with them wherever they may take you, pass them by and you pass by their beauty, charm, power, serenity and intrigue – all are ever present along its course at sometime in its year and in contemplation there is little to compare to a river.

Autumn imbues many moods & nuances of light & shade

Along this chalk streams meander you may chance upon many treasures and beautiful landscapes, a valley floor that at times elevates to a gentle roll across the tops returning to the rivers side in meadows, pasture and wooded settlements. These settlements dot the landscape throughout the run of this chalk stream and at this time of year there once rich and greening leaves are turning with the season. The colour palette being remixed and burnished with bronze, ochre and rusting browns. As the spent leaves fall they reveal a patchwork of branches and twigs and what remains of the soon to follow; sunbeams filter through these natural windows to shower the glides with shimmering light that sparkle and dance.

In the hours daylight provides this stream imbues many moods, nuances of light and shade and colours that will change frequently depending on the time and weather conditions.

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Writing & images Pallenpool October 2021 North Norfolk