The Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends reflect on a coarse fishers close & a new trout season begins

Issue No.VI April 16th 2022

What Magic Occurs When All Is Quiet

A fabulous Kent wildie seen in the shallows & captured on film by R.B. Traditional – Taking time to walk & observe is as absorbing & rewarding as casting a line.

In fact in our hurry to do so we inhibit our understanding of what, why and how we go about our angling. Being as one with our surroundings – watching, listening & being quiet are all in equal measure necessary in affording such wonderful moments.

The Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends – ‘being the quiet observations of Gentlemen Anglers

Within these pages you will find peace and warm reflection in what we believe is a quiet backwater. Here one can while away time sitting comfortably in a familiar armchair accompanied by a favoured tipple’… continue reading

A new season for trout has begun countrywide & due to the clement weather patterns in March they are showing well as are the first hatches.

What treasures lay beneath – a pristine early season chalk stream brownie rises. Wonderfully captured by Ruth Craine

A thought for the day

Now the river is rich, but her voice is low.
It is her Mighty Majesty the sea
Travelings among the villages incognito.

And now the river is rich. A deep choir.
It is the lofty clouds, that work in heaven,
Going on their holiday to the sea.

Ted Hughes

This issues contemplations

The Raconteurs April Miscellany – Dipper, OMR & Sneezewort. Guest Contributions feature Ruth Craine & Neophyte. Plus this issues Raconteurs articles from Martin James MBE, R.B.Traditional, Sussex Micky, Pallenpool, Jeremy Croxall, Paul Adams & Carl Hier

Paul’s Tarryall Creek

Our latest gallery ‘The Ways of Water,’ finds us regarding a river, stream, pool or lake and the countryside that surrounds. The photographs represent snapshots in time throughout its watery year. This issues ’WoW’ is provided by Paul Adams & features Tarryall Creek way up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains continue here

‘The Piscatorial Raconteurs Albums of Photographs’ can be found in the menu. With content being updated regularly – continue here

The April Miscellany

Dipper’s A time of change – continue reading . . .

Sneezewort pens an Acrostic Poem – continue reading . . .

OMR and The Great Manshead Round – continue reading . . .

This issues features & articles

April’s Guest – Ruth Craine, & Neophyte.

Ruth CraineConcludes her travelogue, with Historic Orkney . . . continue reading

The Brough of Birsay – Just off The Point

Neophyte – ‘When I was 9 or 10 years old my dad bought me the white fibreglass lump of a rod from that big tackle shop at the back of the Derby Baths in Blackpool. I used that rod throughout the rest of my childhood‘. . . continue reading

A Childhood Water – Neophyte’s Pit

Issue No. VI – The Piscatorial Raconteurs articles.

Darjeeling, RBTraditional, Pallenpool, Sussex Micky, Sneezewort, Jeremy Croxall, Paul Adams, Martin James MBE & Carl Hier.

Darjeeling & The Hollow TreeWhen first we met I was five years old but you had seen a century and more. That was fifty years past, and I was small enough then to shelter from the winter chill inside your hollow trunk, while I waited for the fish to bite. .‘. . . continue reading

The Hollow Tree

Pallenpool – A Norfolk Season I am sure originally there erstwhile makers would never envisage this grouping today, but it works for me. I know there is always just the right float, weight and hook to satisfy and facilitate all running or still water encounters. . . continue reading

A languid pond richly coloured by iron ore deposits

Jeremy Croxall Cane, Cabbages & Conservation – To  me the condition of the rod was of little consequence. Its decrepit state had no bearing on its function what so ever, it was simply a tool for fishing and would do the job just fine despite its apparent inadequacies and in its company I would discover a whole new world, a world of daring deeds, first encounters and joyful experiences... . . continue reading

Fishing should be a stress free & relaxing experience

Paul Adams – The Dry Fly On these mountain streams, I firmly believe that presentation is the most important consideration. The dry fly must be buoyant and visible in faster riffles, and one’s line control must avoid drag on the fly for the critical few feet where you know or anticipate trout to be holding’ . . continue reading

The Dry Fly

Sussex Micky – Encounters With Carp So next morning at first light I arrived at the water, a thick mist hung over the gravel pit with the sound of distant geese passing below the dismal sky. Walking slowly along the edge of the glass like surface water which was interrupted occasionally by the ripples of wading waterfowl’. . . continue reading

A Glorious Margin Carp

R.B.Traditional – ‘A Season’s End’The river is pushing through quite steadily but the colour from the recent rains is gradually fining down, it looks good and I elect to fish a swim at the uppermost boundary adjacent to Ram Wood, there’s a nice overhanging ash tree and a lovely deep run on the inside . . . continue reading

A Lovely Pitch

Martin James MBE – Spring & Early Summer Fly Fishing Days Walking quietly upstream we came to another good looking pool, at the tail there was an overhanging willow, a couple of yards before the pool on the left hand bank was a large hawthorn which was always waiting to snag a badly cast fly. I made a parallel cast upstream and missed a fish on the first drift.. . . continue reading

A Glorious Clear Water Brownie

Carl HierTriumphs & Disasters . . . continue reading

Despite angler and tackle sublime