The Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends

Issue No. III October 16th 2021

Welcome to the Piscatorial Raconteurs & Friends – ‘being the quiet observations of Gentlemen Anglers

Within these pages you will find peace and warm reflection in what we believe is a quiet backwater. Here one can while away time sitting comfortably in a familiar armchair accompanied by a favoured tipple’… continue reading

Autumnal reflection

A thought for the day

Tell me not here, it needs not saying, what tune the enchantress plays, in aftermaths of soft September, or under blanching Mays, for she & I were long acquainted & I knew all her ways, on russet floors, by waters idle, the pine lets fall its cone, the cuckoo shouts all day at nothing in leafy dells alone, and traveller’s joy beguiles in Autumn, hearts that have lost their own.

A. E. Housman – ‘Tell me not here, it needs not saying’

This issues contemplations

The Raconteurs October Miscellany – RBTraditional, Pallenpool & Martin James MBE. Guest Contributions feature Ralph Ridler, Neophyte, Ruth Craine, Bill Foster & Tim Walters. Plus this issues Raconteurs articles from Martin James MBE, Bob the Float, Tengisgol, Pallenpool, Old Man River, Sneezewort, Paul Adams, Darjeeling & Dipper.

The Raconteurs new gallery ‘The Piscatorial Raconteurs Albums of Photographs’ can be found in the menu. With content being updated regularly & featuring an all new album ‘The Ways of Water’, where we regard a river, stream, pool or lake and the countryside that surrounds – representing snapshots of time throughout its watery year.

The ways of water – have a look here

October’s Miscellany

Martin James MBE chances upon a rare mayfly – continue reading . . .

Pallenpool – A short treatise regarding timecontinue reading . . .

RBTraditionala has a Cornish interludecontinue reading . . .

This issues features & articles

October’s Guest – Tim Walters, Ralph Ridler, Ruth Craine, Neophyte & Bill Foster.

Tim Walters – with some extraordinary & rare footage of water rails – fabulous! . . continue reading.

The waterail – rarely seen.

Ralph Ridler – in the passing of time rediscovers a pool from his childhood . . . continue reading.

Ralph’s pool from childhood

Neophyte – When I was 8 or 9 years old I started with my dad. We float fished (never understood ledgers) mostly for roach in local pits around the Fylde. Half a pound was a good fish continue reading . . .

Dad at Loch Lubnaig

Ruth Craine – takes us on a journey around the beautiful countryside of Loch Etive . . . continue reading.

Captivating Loch Etive

Bill Foster – ‘Breydon’, first came calling 50 years ago. I was then in my teens and getting into small boats (often after falling out of them). . . continue reading.

Issue No. III – The Piscatorial Raconteurs articles.

Paul Adams, OMR, Sneezewort, Tengisgol, Dipper, Darjeeling, Pallenpool, Bob the Float, & Martin James MBE.

Paul Adams – Late summer in the Colorado Mountains . . . There is still warmth in the afternoon sun. It will be another hour before it dips below the ridge to the west. I sit on the grass bank, feet resting in an inch of water. . . continue reading.

Old Man River’sA big fish tale from his yearly sabbatical to the Wye valley. . . ‘Carefully I played the fish – it took line – I reclaimed line, it shot off downstream, it did not feel like a barbel, but it was certainly a strong fish.. . continue reading


Sneezewort has waters in mind – ‘Here, from the age of 5 until I probably started secondary school, Dad would let me tag along on an occasional Sunday morning.’. . continue reading

Dad, offering some handling tips

Tengisgol considers ’Peripheral Shutdown’ – ‘The noise of the modern world will melt away and, with my feet in the water, I shall fall into a roach-fishers rhythm.’. . continue reading

A cracker

Dipper – Variety is the spice of life & he sets forth to embrace the idea – ‘One might consider a rod more suited to trout an odd and limiting choice for coastal fishing.’. . continue reading

Not just any pasty

Darjeeling recalls ’one golden day’ – ‘Why do we fish? I mean, why do we really fish? It’s such an obvious question, but the answers can be harder to come by.’ . . continue reading

Darjeeling’s father fishing his beloved Thames

Pallenpool – An observer through time & a magnificent tench makes an appearance – ‘My early morning car ride rounds a final bend and there just beyond the estate gates and over the back of the cart bridge I can see the stream burbling its way underneath.‘. . continue reading

Early morning meadows

Bob the Float pens a few lines for little Esox – ‘I’ll be back one day when the weather turns colder, & your a bit bigger & we’ll both be older.’. . continue reading

Little Lucius

Martin James MBE – A boy goes fishing – Martin is reminded of his childhood when taking his grandson fishing – ‘Suddenly swirls appeared around the bread, Samuel asked “What caused that grandad?” “A carp” I replied. . . continue reading

Some things never change