Sending & receiving small joys

A gloriously timeless pitch on the Marsh

The following few lines were sent to me on a Sunday morning in mid July – they capture the essence of an anglers morning in short form, contemplative, and thought provoking, I imagined that I too was just down stream from Rob such was his description.

Morning Peter,

Just lost a nice tench in the weed I thought I had the better of it as I drew it toward the net, alas it found the marginal vegetation more appealing. I was consoled by seeing and then hearing a grasshopper warbler…. elusive little birds and other than sounding like a grasshopper could easily be mistaken for the check running out on a finely tuned Allcocks Aerial………

Turning into a scorcher here and with no shade on the Marsh it’ll soon be time to retire for a libation or two and a toast raised to the most “spirited tench”.