Carl Hier – Triumphs & Disasters

Despite Angler & Tackle Sublime

Triumphs & Disasters

As Rudyard once advised

We should treat them both the same

But fishing days are sometimes tough

Dare we choose something to blame?

Line and knots can fail

At that most critical time

With a PB fish almost in the net

It’s a travesty, a disaster, a crime

Snags below the surfac

Tangles in a tree

All sorts of risks around us

Some invisible, some we can see

Special fish will fight for their lives

Surging time after time

On certain days the fish will win

Despite angler and tackle sublime

It’s a small difference between

Wide smiles or troubled frown

An aftermath of happiness

Or days of being down

Questions rightly asked

What could I have done?

To affect the day’s result

Change the ultimate outcome?

But difficult days must be faced

Disasters are part of the game

Without them the sweetness of success

Simply wouldn’t taste the same

Carl Hier – South Wales March 2022