Bob the Float recalls a tench fishers dawn

Arriving at the river bank while the world is still asleep, is where you’ll find the tench fisher on the season’s opening week.

He likes to get there early, to get a seat in the front row, as the performance will be starting soon of his favourite show.

The curtains slowly open as the choir starts to sing, the sun is rising from the east of the stage, the show is about to begin.

The smoke rolls across the river, as if the clouds have fallen from the sky, there’s so much going on now it’s hard to focus the eye.

Tiny bubbles rise from the misty depths, it must be the star of the show, it’s nearly time for the final act as the tench fisher will surely know.

With one hand on the rod the line begins to quiver, just one tench is all he asks from this magical piece of river.

The grand finale is upon us, the rod is lunging to and thro’ the circles then get smaller as the tench begins to slow.

The rod has done its work, and the tench has been subdued, there are no cries of encore as this fisher is not rude.

You see the fisher is I and I am quite content, one tench is all I asked its exactly what I meant.

It is time to go now and release this tench back into the flow. But I’ll be back again one day to see my favourite show. . .

All Writing & Illustration Bob the Float – Summer 2021